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 She was the one. He could see it, touch it and could very well feel it. She was asleep now, in his arms. It was worth it, staying in bed with her like this. It still amazed him. She'd picked him out of every guy out there. This wonderful human chose _him_ to spend the rest of her life with. It was love at first sight.  They'd met in college. She was new to the school, a foreigner and she'd left him utterly breatheles. As usual he was bored in class until she came in through the door. They were having a general subject. Time stopped in that moment. He saw their past, present and future all in that one gaze. She was the one. But why would anyone, especially her, choose him? He'd asked this over and over again. She seemed like an angel always smiling, she was passionate and was also majoring in medicine. He majored in aeronautics with a minor in arts. He was the silent type, and she was too but somehow she'd gotten him to speak, something he rarely did. Her soft smile
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 Let the rivers of living waters flow and wash it away; wash anxiety, depression, sorrow, darkness. Let us be illuminated by the light of your countenance. The tightness in our chest let it be relieved as we sing your songs and dance your dance. To the one who made humans, to the one who is patient despite our failings to the one person who will never discard us I appreciate, honour and adore. Our lives will have meaning because you are in it. And before we were made, you knew us. As we were secretly woven, piece by piece, hair by hair. You know us each by name. A marvel and a wonder. Let the voices cease, the ones in our heads that deceives us till there's only you. Because your thoughts for our lives are good and not evil to give us a hope and an expected end. For in the image of the great King were we created and so for that reason, I am wonderfully, gloriously and fearfully made. . . . Taiwolilly🌸 Please comment your thoughts down below and subscribe! ❤


 The feeling you get when you're complete is indescribable. You feel light, whole, alive, worthy. Jesus makes me feel this way. The emptiness is palpable without Him. And when you do feel empty, That doesn't mean He isn't there, it just means something else has preoccupied your mind/heart, obstructing you from seeing Him. Take away the blockage. You need to breathe. . . . . Taiwolilly✌ Please don't forget to subscribe and comment. It's Sunday, enjoy your Saviour's presence, not even just today but everyday!!❤❤

Breaking Free From The Chains of Madness

 An order is coming to the madness in the form of simple truths and logics. Politicians will rue the day they thought it was okay to use the weakness of the citizens against them. A revolution and a revival on the horizon, it comes, one like the world has never seen. Be part of it, trust me you won't be able to miss it. Finally freedom in it's real sense spiritually, financially, mentally, physically. As two forces collide at war with each other, The will of the Supreme will inevitably reign. I long to see a world filled with peace, love, unity and we shall see it, as long as we make it out of this one carrying that badge of honour. True peace is at hand, but before this comes the showdown. Get ready. . . . Taiwolilly✌ Don't forget to comment and subscribe, it means a lot!😊😊❤

The three

 They were three. No one could have known their end; no one even knew their beginning. But blessed they were, loved by man and scorned by the devil. They were Truth, Peace and Justice. Justice was a man, and Peace and Truth, women. They were seen as light, the joy of many nations. In them was a haven, they were stars, witnesses.  But the Darkness hated them and so plotted their deaths. He failed, once, twice, thrice, but a day came... He succeeded.  _The end_ was near after all; the end and beginning of everything. There were no cries no wails, no lament; it was a peaceful death. The _Darkness_ was happy and gifts were exchanged to commemorate the deaths of the three. The inhabitants of the earth were happy, that is until they arose from the dead.  Oh how Darkness raged, but alas it was too late. He didn't know, that death could never hold them. . . . Taiwolilly✌

The Forbidden Fruit

 There is evil in this world, evil that has become inscribed unto every soul. We see it in people around us, we see it in ourselves—in hasty decisions, in disobedience, in hatred, in jealousy, in selfishness— it's everywhere, it's become a disease, and no one wants a cure. People like the taste of the apple, they crave the sweet nectar of sin. It's forbidden, that's why it's so delicious. But they don't know it's death, as it goes smoothly down the throat, to the stomach, wreaking havoc to the system—sweet to the tongue but bitter to the stomach. We're all drunk, drunk with filth, drunk with sin, drunk with death. We like how it calls us, we fade away and willingly enter her lap, sin. She's seductive, an enchantress, you won't realise until you're caught in her net. Only one person I know that is strong enough to overcome her, only one blood. She runs from his light, she runs from the taste of his blood. "Go away!" She screams, &quo

Live life

Heaven, heaven on Earth. Something's moving, Something's changing. Can you feel His glory? Feels like heaven on Earth. Life is beautiful. Hey poetry, haven't written you in a while. I know, I know. You're upset. I had a lot of things I had to do, And now that I'm back,  Will you forgive me? No? Okay. Moving on. 2021, what will you bring? I see bliss, growth, upliftment. This is my greater year, The stars are just my beginning. Each night I look at Orion, I love that constellation,  Why? Only my sister knows. Oh, Nepa just brought light, These days they've been trying small small. Just finished watching 'Croods 2' the other day, Literally one of the funniest cartoons I've watched in recent memory, Also, 'Soul' is one unusual cartoon that'll have you thinking about life; I learned this from it: 'You were born to Live'. Deep, right? So, live. Enjoy every second of your life, because they are that precious. I know for a fact that you